WK's Amulet

WolfyKitty's Amulet

WolfyKitty's Amulet is an urban legend which WolfyKitty owns an amulet that can manipulate weather, and control the sun and the moon, have every wish you wanted granted and may even keep the universe in balance. The amulet is a dark purple with small shadowy wings. When the amulet gets destroyed then the whole universe may be destroyed as well. If the rumor was true, Wolfy may very well be evil.


Wolfykitty's amulet is thought to be the Nightmare amulet from Don't starve,but with a reverse effect and brought to the real world. Unlike the Nightmare amulet,instead of turning the world into Nightmares for one person, it turns one person Kitty into Nightmares for the world to see.


  • CreepyWolfyKitt

    Artwork of "evil" WolfyKitty.

    It is unknown weither or not the rumor is true.
  • If you talk to WolfyKitty about it, she'll simply say, "What?", meaning she is most likley acting as if she never knew about the rumor, or she just doesn't get it.
  • Wolfy has a dark purple gem she keeps in her room for 'Good luck'. The gem is the exact same color as the amulet's.
  • WolfyKitty's Amulet resembles the Nightmare Amulet  from Don't Starve.