WolfyKitty is a Chibi Kitten with a hyper, friendly, random, and sometimes shy personality. She lives on a Cotton Candy cloud with sugar crystals in it, and is friends to Rekanochi, Scottnov and more people. She likes eating candy, sweets and junkfood, and has a laptop with internet connection somehow. She has a Gameboy and plays her favorite game, Super Pixel Raptor Pro.


"Maxwell is a jerk."

"Um... What?"

"Meow. I'm a toaster."


"Ohai! Welcome to nature! Did you bring snacks?"

"RAWR! Im a dinosaur!"

"Everybody walk the dinosaur!"

"Hakuna Matata, my friends."

"It's amazing how freaking stupid people could be."

"You annnddd... Pixiebutt!"

WolfyKitty's Theme


Wolfysprite is WolfyKitty's Sprite.


  • Songs. LOTS OF THEM.
  • Sugar n' spice!
  • Cute things.
  • Spiders (because she thinks they're misunderstood).
  • Rainbows.
  • Wilson.
  • Summertime
  • Halloween
  • Christmas


  • Shippers and most ships (unless they are canon)
  • Some love fanfics.
  • Cloppers.
  • Vegtables (except for corn and carrots).
  • Spicy things.
  • Winter (except for the wonderful snow and Christmas)


  • WolfyKitty slightly resembles Kyubey  from Madoka Magica.
  • WolfyKitty seems shy and weak, but she is actually kind of strong. 
  • WolfyKitty got her name because she is a kitten in the Wikia dimension, and she is a wolf in the AJ dimension.
  • There are rumors that WolfyKitty possesses an Amulet and may very well be evil.
  • On a full moon, WolfyKitty will transform into a Wereicorn .
  • Wolfy is trying to defend the Yoshies because they are endangered, and will do anything to protect them.
  • She can play a violin.
  • Wolfy secretly has an alter ego that was seperated from her body a long time ago. Her name was RainbowRaptors.
  • Scottnov tests his potions on Wolfykitty at night when Beetlebo doesn't want to, because in the day she wouldn't let him. He made a machine for this called the "Super Wolfy Potion Feeder 5000" that pours into her mouth through the window. Wolfykitty is not aware of this.
  • Her grandmother is Maple.


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