Waspeons are from the same family as Beetleons.

A picture of a Waspeon.


Waspeons are quite agressive, and will attack anything that bothers them, or their hives. However they are quite friendly to their owners and other Waspeons and Beetleons. They, like the Beetleons, have very cute looking eyes, which lulls their foes into a false sence of security, however this isn't intentional. They will not attack any other Beetleon or Waspeon unless the other Beetleon or Waspeon is evil.


Their strength is talked about from most areas, there is a phrase "Meaner/stronger than an angry Waspeon" that has to do with its strength. Not only do their stingers have the ability to seep deadly poison into whoever dares to oppose them, but they also can ram into things, using their powerful force and wingpower, as well as shoot their stingers while flying above, and quickly regenerate them. However their claws lack any poison, but are still spiked. Waspeons are usually not kept as pets, because, like Beetleons, it is impossible to tame an adult one, and an egg must be hatched. Most Waspeons lack any poison spots or forehead swirls.


  • They stay with their parents with their entire life.