What Unicorn island looked like before the meteor hit

Unicorn island is home to Chibi Kittens, a race that existed for centuries. It was originally barren untill the Pink Meteor hit the planet, which caused life to spread.


Unicorn island used to be a barren planet until this happened. A very long time ago, in a planet far from ours, a meteor had hit a barren planet which caused an explosion of rainbows. The meteor started to glow pink and Chibi Kittens started bringing life and happiness to the planet. Trees grew, oceans and islands were formed, and there is also a happy volcano that spews skittles when it erupts. The kittens made a HUGE bonfire, gathered around in a circle, and started dancing in honor of the great day the race of Chibi Kittens were born. 
Le Meteor

A crude drawing of the Meteor.


  • Unicorn island got its name because it is shaped like a Uni

    Unicorn Island after the meteor hit (the black dot thingy with the gray squiggles is where the meteor hit)

  • Unicorns never existed on Unicorn Island.