A Togetic.

Togetic were the teen-adult Togepi's, though some Togepi chose to remain Togepi for the rest of their life.


Togetic have the same abilites as a Togepi, but enhanced. Messing with Togetics is strongly disadvised, as they are known to, even at this stage, absolutely destroy anyone who decides to get in their way, but this is not often because they are very, very friendly.


There are many ways Togepi can evolve, some being:
Togetic, by mudkipbubble
  • Becoming friends with many people.
  • Making many people happy.
  • Bringing happiness to people all around the world (May turn them directly into a Togekiss) .
  • Pretty much anything else that has to do with friendship or happiness.


Togetic, by Light-Fox
Togetic are generally very nice and friendly, although they can destroy an entire village within minutes so be careful.

Current State

After The Great Cuisine war, all Togetics and Togekiss were wiped out, except for one lucky Togepi. Scottnov currently is a Togepi as he doesn't know how to evolve and is searching for the scroll telling him how. Apparrently he lost some of his memory when he fell, but still remembers some things.

Recently, fossilized Togepi, Togetic and Togekiss were found.