Togepi by renelaranxa

A picture of a Togepi.

Togepi (Pronounciation: Toe-geh-pee) were cute, somewhat powerful and fun loving species that spent most of their time chatting, dancing, saying phrases including "Toge toge!" and "Pii! Pii! , and ocasionally talking to other species (Enderman, Human, Kitty, and even Taco). Togepi can also evolve into older beings, while others just stay Togepi's.


Togepi have a yolk colored head and limbs, and an eggshell that never came off. The eggshell has red and blue 'shapes' on it with white in the middle area.

Togepi, by CreepyJellyfish

Most of the time, they are making a happy expression, though they can be very sad if you make them cry.

Notable members


Togepi have dangerously powerful attacks, one of which can draw any move of any type, but that sometimes backfires.

Togepi also have the ability to make opponants feel horrible, and therefore stop harming them.

Togepi were the strongest race when fully evolved out of every species on Meatworld.


Togepi are known to be VERY bitter, and horrid. Some predetors are fooled into thinking that Togepi taste like eggs, but quickly learn (if they manage to catch them) that this is not the case, and 90% of the time they die, along with others nearby (because of the sheer stench of the corpse). For hounds, it kills their soul, preventing them from respawn, which hopefully teaches other hounds (and maybe the one that ate the Togepi) to never eat one again.

Togepi are said to taste much worse than 5 day old milk, rotten cheese, dead skunk, sand, dirt, mucinex medicine, and many other things combined. Normally Togepi do not stink unless they are killed.


During the Great Cuisine War, nearly all the Togepi were killed. Except for one, who survived but was sad when he realized he was the last Togepi.

Now, the Togepi species remains a mystery because Scottnov cannot remember what all happened.


How the Togepi race came into meatworld, along with all the other Pokemon is a quite interesting story, it all began when The Core was still in the process of creating meatworld, only a few days after It was created by accident, at the time, The Core wasn't watching a part of the world, and It opened a small rift in time-space, this rift grew, luckily The Core managed to chase It back to his horrible dimension, sadly, The rift had been open too long, and several creatures from other dimensions leaked into this world (some others besides pokemon being most Pikmin creatures, Itlings and more), These creatures only survived because of some of the pokemon's abilites to give them air, The Core could not let them float in space forever, so it drifted them towards meatworld. Once they reached meatworld they settled into a forest, some of them becoming smart enough to start their own villages, civilizations and more.

Due to this world not being used to the Pokemon's power, their power seems extreme.


  • To humans and most other creatures that aren't around one a lot, they sound like "Toge Toge!" most of the time.


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