A Togekiss.

are the adult form of Togepi, the third evolution, and the most powerful.


Togekiss Air Slash, by ishmam

A Togekiss using Air Slash.

Togekiss are the third evolution of Togepi, and very few were found back when they weren't extinct. To evolve, they must find a special stone, only a few are scattered around the world, they are deemed 'Shiny Stones' by most people and The Core deems them 'Holy Crystals' . Some species deem the stones "Evolution Crystals".


Togekiss are much more powerful than their previous evolutions. They have the power to detsroy entire cities, even asteroids with the power of their attacks.

Togekiss can do a vareity of different attacks to destroy their enemies. A few being:

Shadow ball.





Ice beam.

Air Slash.



Togekiss can also fly like their previous evolution, except they are much more swift and fast in flight.

Togekiss were known around Meatworld as the strongest species known. A well trained Togekiss can have the power to destroy entire planets, but finding a shiny stone is very, very hard.

When one was asked how they execute their attacks, it replied: "It is like using magic, sometimes it requires speech and other times requires thought"

Currently no creature has defeated a Togekiss, and anyone that tried was either jailed in a mystic cage, destroyed, or bringing them to The Core.


Like their previous evolution, they are extremely nice and will only fight when nessasary. They enjoy talking to others. They will visously defend their friends, no matter how hurt they are.


At this stage they may begin to lay eggs, the eggs hatch into Togepi or sometimes hybrids if they were bred with another species (Taco, for example) . They will defend their young and are very good at it, the males stay with the females always after the egg is hatching.