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As the lore content created for the original wiki is considered an old shame by the original founder and previous contributors of it, the word "Meat" in the wiki's name is an acronym relating to multiverses. As a result, this wiki is now for anyone who wants to make random multiverse creations or alternative universes of an existing series or creating memes alongside too!

Original Wiki's Main Page description

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"Welcome, future Meatiator, to the wonderful world we all live in...

This place is a world where video game characters clash and thrive, a world where odd creatures inhabbit every corner, a world that constantly fights to destroy Him, a world where even those that look weakest can surpass the strengths of almost anything.

You may be thinking at this moment: "What an odd thing to make a wiki about, and I'm still confused!", in short, it is a place to let your imagination run wild, create creatures, objects, entities or even game ideas if you have them.

The name of this world?


Intro to the wiki

This wiki was created by Rekanochi, on August 12th of 2013. How it came to be you may wonder is as followed:

Rekanochi, Scottnov, Wolfykitty and Coryn02 were talking in the Don't Starve chat, when Scottnov asked a question about meat, Coryn, being a scientist of sorts answered his question swiftly, Wolfykitty said: "Is this Don't Starve or Meat logic?" Scottnov replied: "Meat logic.". Rekanochi announced she would make a wiki about said Meat Logic, and after a few minutes of silence from Rekanochi, she said: "GUYS I MADE IT" and linked them to this wiki. All of them ended up laughing very hard at this and for quite some time. For a while, the wiki had no activity and the 4 friends were on the Don't Starve wiki the most. After a while, it slowly developed into what it is today, gaining more users at a fairly rapid rate.

That is how Meat Logic was born."

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