Patfan1's Prophecy is the questionably real fate of Patfan1, told by It, it has less of a chance of being real.

The Prophecy

It: Patfan1, joining the Core, joining Rekanochi, is your doom.

Patfan1: Liar! The Core says I'll save the world from The Watching Eye, your greatest minion since Giygas!

It: Your true form will grab hold of you, and end your weak, weak life!

Patfan1: NEVER!

  • The Core teleports Patfan1 away from It*

It:NOOOOOOOO! *Reaches black hand out*

  • hand crumbles by Core*

Patfan1:What true form? WHAT ARE YOU NOT TELLING ME, CORE?

The Core: His words are lies. Do not tell anyone about this incident, not even Rekanochi.


The Core:She'll know, in time.