Glacier Islands

A map showing the islands. (TheDragonTrainer drew this map, so don't ask why the trees are bigger than the mountains.)

The Glacier Islands are the home many the glaceons, they are the first creatures to arrive the islands, while they were only eevees, the immense amount of Ice Rocks make them evolve into glaceons. Since then, they live in the the islands.

Glaciall Island

Glaciall Island
Glaciall island is the largest of all the islands, the original home of the glaceons. Here are some information about the most known places:

Solitude Forest: The oldest and forest of the island, a good shelter during a blizzard. Many glaceons live here.

Aurora Forest: Is known by that name because it is a good place to observe auroras.

Vahlok Forest: Vahlok Forest. "Guardian" Forest. Well .. this forest, for some reason, has a large number of Treeguards.

Krahzii Forest: Krah Zii Forest, also known as the "Cold Spirit" Forest. Is a small forest, and you can see big ice rocks here, like, everywhere. Many Glaceons come here to train their battle skills, or train moves that have not yet been completely dominated, or even improve them.

Winteer Grove: A small grove around Profundas Cave.

Profundas Cave: Profundas mean something like deep. "Deep" Cave. Is a cave full of tunnels and halls. Shade lives here.

Krent Mountain: Krent. Broken. "Broken" Mountain. Is a very hig mountain, with a double peak, which makes it seem that it is broken in the middle.

Mydnare Mountain: ...It's a mountain. In a cave on this mountain is the source of two great rivers.

Twin Peaks: They are very similar mountains, one close to another, one of them is the source of a small river.

Hari Mountains: A group of mountains with caves and high cliffs, a beautiful place, but dangerous, especially in winter, when the stones are frozen and smooth, it is very easy to slip and break your neck, or your bones.

Ahkrin Mountains: Ahkrin Mountains. "Courage" Mountains. Like Krahzii Forest, Glaceons come here to train their battle skills.

The Wall: It's a wall of mountains, with a large amount of ice rocks, which here are huge, with a light blue, pale, and bright color.

Delta River: A river that crosses between Winteer Grove and Aurora Forest.

Whispering River: Is a small river, it usually freezes in winter, and only left a few thin strands of water that make sounds when they hit the ice, that's why this is called Whispering River.

Hidra River: It's a river, nothing much to say.

Icy River: It is a river that leads to Iceberg Lake.

Iceberg Lake: Is the largest lake on the island, it often freezes in winter.

Crystal Bay: It's a huge bay, A peaceful sea serpent lives here.

Sukoshi Bay: It's a small bay, notingh much to say for now.

Venti Desert: Venti. Vento. Vento Desert, means something like Wind Desesert. is a big desert, not a sand desert, but a ice desert, is very large, with big stones and Ice Rocks. Is very dangerous to get lost here, you may have hallucinations, and end up frozen to death.

Nevery Desert: Is not Never Desert, but is Neve Desert, something like Snow Desert. And is dangerous like Venti Desert.

Serpentys Coast: It's a very long coast.

Rústica Coast: Mean something like Rustic Coast. Well, it's full of rocks and cliffs.

Shard Coast: Nothing much to say, it's another coast.

Loong Coast: It's a coast. And it's long. But not as long as Serpentys Coast.

Ice Ring

IceRing - Cópia

A painting of the Ice Ring.

Is a geological formation made ​​entirely of Ice Rock, which is a great reference point.

Note: Brb, Drawing the other islands.


  • Other Pokémons live there too, such as Vaporeons, Sneasels, Dewgongs, etc.