The Core is the source of all life in the World of Meat. It came to the world when the meteorite hit, creating all the species known on the world.



A crude drawing of the Core.

The Core has a blue surface with a light, sky blue outer area. It has many electrical sparks within it. It can also shoot violent lightning bolts to protect itself. However, it may change to a sky blue sphere with a lighter inside with the inside having a gray part, along with electricity running through it.


The Core can use Telepathy to talk to surronding life-forms. The Core has special connections with the Chibi cat species. If it is endangered it can shoot violent lightning bolts and create defensive creatures and explosions around itself.

It can grant species temporary or permanent god-like powers, but rarely does this.

It is able to summon creatures to defend itself or friends, and can see different parts of the world whenever it wants. It can sometimes predict the future. 
The 4 forces by rekatheamazingtaco-d6qtchi

The Core is depicted in this painting.


The Core is located deep below Unicorn island, and sealed away.

The temple leading to it is quite curving and dangerous, as a trial. Little adventurers have seen or found The Core. The Core's room is a large room, adorned with huge white pillars and little else.


"Hello my child, what do you seek...?"

"I am The Core, the creator of Meat World."

"You wish to teleport to [Any place ever]? Very well."

"Stop in the name of the universe! You shall not go any further..."

Special: Asked by about the rest of the Togepi race: "The Togepi race has been exterminated by the cakes, after the bomb was accidently dropped upon your homeworld. Quite a shame, isn't it? They showed the most potential of saving the world from It..."

Asked about the Tacos: "The Tacos are the most inteligent race yet, next to the Togepi and Human. Luckily for us, the Taco have the least concern about taking over the world. (Special) My my, the Taco next to you has a friendly aura around her, she is vital from protecting us from It..."

"Goodbye my children, may you live for many years to come..."


  • It is unknown what gender The Core is, but it is assumed it is female because its voice sounds feminine.
  • An evil figure secretly seeks to destroy the core, it could be a sevant of It.
  • She has a cousin, the moon, Morp.
  • The Core tends to act a bit odd when Sulus is near. This could be because he MIGHT be somehow related to It. might.