The Brain Channel is a horrifying virus that sometimes appears on peoples computers, without explantion.


The Brain Channel is a virus of sorts, and it appears as a new window (that is not close-able) and has a unsettling picture of a realistic brain inside of someones head, there is no blood or anything, but the camera seems to also be far enough inside the persons head so you can see the entire brain. This brain has a smile and eyes, the eyes it have seem to be bulging out somewhat.

After about 5-10 minutes, the tab brings itself to the top so you can see it, text on the left side reads "Always watching, never quits, never stops, never rests, always smiles, never quits, never rests, never stops, always watching, no matter what. Always watching, never quits."

Other than listed affects so far, nothing else is effected.

Acheiving TBC

Scottnov is the only one so far who has encountered it, but others claim to have seen it before.

Scottnov stated that no one should ever have to encounter this, and he can only guess were it came from.


Scottnov states it may be because of his childhood fear of brains, yet nobody has found out who the programmer was.