Taco with a mustache

A Taco in the "regular" form. Note the mustache.

The Tacito Mexicano, or Taco for short, are a hyper-intelligent sub-species of the Cusina Mexicano. Rekanochi is one of them. They are known to have hard crusts, however, there are Tacos with soft ones.


Tacos are known for having several different ingrediants to their apperance. However, most are seen with lettuce and a kind of meat. It is somewhat normal for both genders to have a mustache, unlike with other species. Females are known to have a somewhat softer crust then males. Tacos also normally have simple eyes.

On the mustache, Tacos are known to generally have a Handlebar mustache. However, it is not uncommon to see other styles, such as the Walrus.


While the Tacito Mexicano seems bland, they have brilliant eyesight. However, abusing said eyesight can lead to the need of glasses and monocles. They also have extremely high intelligence. 

Notable members


While the history of the Tacito Mexicano is rather bland, there is one incident in particular that makes them somewhat unique.

During the Great Cuisine War, the Cakelita Delishmono set off a radioactive bomb that caused many of the Tacos to loose the transformation power they were known for.


  • Alive tacos actually taste like poop with a side of Porky Minch. Eating dead tacos is a better decision.
  • Instead of water, they eat snowballs.
  • If they come into contact with large amounts of water, the Taco's shell crumbles, then the insides begin to spontaneously combust. Not fun.