The main character in the game, Super Pixel Raptor.

Super Pixel Raptor PRO, also known as Super Pixel Raptor or SPRP is an 8-bit video game that WolfyKitty plays on her Gameboy .



In the Survival game mode, you have to survive as a yellow raptor named Super Pixel Raptor. You have to eat, and you can 'befriend' Pterodactyls, raptors and other dinosaurs, except for T-rexes. Obviously, if you die in the game, you will loose.


Adventure Mode is where the real action begins. You run through all of those obsticle courses, and there's no turning back. Each 'world' has about 10-25 levels each. You have to kill enemies and collect Rocks for extra points. Rocks are basically coins. There is also a rare powerup which is a Magic Egg. If you collect this, then Pixel Raptor will be flashing rainbow colors, leave behind a trail of yellow sparkles, and will kill everything it touches in 1 hit. There will also be crazy music in the background, however, the Magic Egg's effects will only last for about 30 seconds.


  • The Raptor is actually from Dino Run.
  • Rekanochi occasionally plays it.
  • There are rumors saying that the raptor actually exists, and is still alive today.