Spoiler Police tackle anyone who DARE spoil a book, movie, game, or anything else. Or shoot them.


  • People who don't spoil things
  • Other Spoiler Police
  • Meat


  • "Claus thou gives awayeth a toneth spoilers"
  • People who spoil things
  • Vegetables
  • Breaking the 4th wall


To get rid of a Spoiler Police group, you must run in circles screaming "YOU'RE TOO SLOW!", then jump on an imaginary Koopa Shell, get a Pikmin and throw it at the police, and then drive away in a car carrying a blue shell. However, Pikmin and Blue Shells are found in dangerous places:


  • Another, hard-to-reach planet
  • A large place in Bulbama's desert section that is guarded by the Snagret army.
  • The Rougue Chimera's former cage, which is now guarded by half of the Navy SQUEALS, near the top of the Emperor Porky Building, right above the room where Pigmasks do PSI practice.

Blue Shells

  • Inside of the Burrowing Bulbear's Snagret head to be used as a last resort if it gets beaten.
  • Used as the Rougue Chimera's "toys".
  • Behind Giygas.