SHADE - Cópia

Shade's drawing.

Shade is an unknown creature, he lives in Profundas Cave, on the Glaciall Island. He is male (probably), and has an sinister way of speaking and acting, what can make people uncomfortable, but he will not attack without a good reason. If he attacks you, you're dead meat. He likes to fly over the islands, and talk to the creatures that find.


He have a black skin, big and sharp teeth, gray eyes with red pupils, a long body, with two arms, sharp claws, and five spikes on her tail. He's not a evil creature, as that seems.


He can turn/mimic the shadows of any creature, watching, stalking them, becoming a sort of "shadow mode", sees well in the dark, and also can fly in extremely fast and in high altitudes.


Insane, crazy, sinister, smart, but he still very kind. And will protect the people he like, without hesitating.



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