The Sexy Potion.

The Sexy Potion is a potion that instantly makes the user irresistible to the opposite gender. It's recipe can be found in Endrew's Potion Book, but the ingredients are very hard to get, and well, pretty dirty. As in it includes different kinds of dirt.


  • 5 cups of red dirt
  • 2 cups of nutricious, black dirt
  • 1 lotus flower
  • 25 pinches of crushed white geodes
  • One "secret" ingredient (I'm not allowed to say it)


  • Mr. Alchemist Endrew once used this potion to become the Grue's boyfriend, but then the potion wore off and the grue dumped him. (Sad face)
  • Scottnov made this potion once and tested a small amount on Wolfykitty. Luckily at the time he was a Togepi. Afterwards he tossed it out the window and set it on fire.


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