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"all shall fall"

-Also Scottnov


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Scottnov the Togepi is a moderator of The World of Meat Logic wiki, as well as a ledgendary treasure hunter.


Scottnov is supposedly the son of a Togekiss that was supposed to become a Meat Lord. His egg crashed into a cloud when the Togepi village was exterminated, he hatched a while after crashing, and then accidentally destroyed a Chibi Kitten's home. It is unkown how his egg survived the bomb. He made his own log cabin, made out of a rather large log.


  • Scottnov was once deemed a piece of lettuce by Rekanochi, because she had not seen any other Togepi in her life.
  • Scottnov has an ongoing attempt to turn all of his friends into Togepis, although he denies it. It is unknown why.
  • Scottnov was (and still is) deemed very tasty looking by FlamingFirehound.
    • FlamingFirehound does not know how bad Togepi taste. 
  • He is Christian, but is not mean to people who aren't.
  • He has caught himself in a pokeball due to many people trying to catch him, he says he goes in it when he wants to be alone.
  • The noise Scottnov makes when his cookie is stolen:
  • Despite popular belief, he cannot use teleport, many accuse him of having such a move.
    • He is also much more frail then most think, and, like all other Togepi, can die from something as simple as a hound bite. The only way he can escape from such harm is by flying away (if he can) , or getting a good move from metronome that protects him.
  • He cannot continuously use his moves as they take up his power points rapidly (especially psychic) , if he runs out he cannot use any more moves until he has restored some of his power.
  • He hoards tons of happiness in his shell and gives it to his friends.
  • He used to kill Hound a lot, but then after killing him for 67 times, he realized this was wrong and vowed to never kill hound again.
  • He makes jokes when greeting new meatiators about being an admin and "watching them".



After going through the Forest of the Forgotten with his new friend, WolfyKitty. She had to leave due to unfinished business after arriving in Tacoiteria. Scottnov didn't know anything about the taco culture, and Rekanochi helped him out after he freed her from a bird-catching incident.


Several years after the demise of the Togepi race, a lone Togepi egg had hatched on a cloud of cotton candy. A strong gust pulled Scottnov up, and he eventually landed directly on WolfyKitty's house, much to her displeasure. Scott managed to fix her house easily, and WolfyKitty was once again the happy cat she always was.

Alchemist Endrew:

Alchemist Endrew met Scottnov in a Dragon's nest, he said that he saw sparkly objects and gold in the cave, he was then caged up by the beast. He dissapeared mysteriously, but Scottnov states "I always feel that creatures aura around me... Is he following me?"


In the Forest of the Forgotten, a Hound emerged from a bush, to which WolfyKitty did not respond well to. He then tracked down Scottnov and started to follow him.


Scottnov met her when going though the glacier Islands alone, where he almost died in the cold but was saved by her. He was very grateful of this, and gave her much gold and food.


Scottnov was going to investigate a mine that had recently crumbled and miners were trapped, after a long time, he found Crocdude, the only known survivor of that minecrumble. He said he was trapped for 11 days, 2 hours, 46 minutes and 26 seconds before he was found and survived only through game logic.

Count Dessertstone:

He met this Claus fanboy when he was almost killed by Porky Minch. Luckily for him, Count was there to save him.


When Spacepig got lost in space without proper equipment, he ended up saving him. Not much else is known.

Ding Man:

Ding Man is Scottnov's most trusted adviser, whispering sweet nothings into his ear such as "kill them all" or "u suk nurd" and "right, true, mhm."

Ding Man will soon kill Scott.



  • Psychic (often used to pick himself up and fly around, though this isn't incredibly fast).
  • Shadow Ball.
  • Flamethrower.
  • Metronome.




Scottnov also has a sprite form he takes on when using a spell or potion, or after the normal conditions are met.

Under this form he cannot interact with others, speak with others (unless they are sprites too), or touch others, but he can attack. 

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