The Pirate's Coin is a much sought-after artifact. The coin is said to enhance one's theiving ability, hence the name. It was said to be made by a band of professional pirates long ago.


The coin is infamous of it's many holders. All of the coin's holders are people who have managed to get the coin by stealing,or just by complete random chance. However, they somehow manage to loose the coin. The coin then ends up in another theif's hands.

The holders are (in order)


  • Rekanochi is actually trying to find this coin, but she has yet to find it.
  • The creator of the coin is unknown.
  • FlamingFirehound maybe possibly has it right now, and it helps him in theiving food maybe. Maybe possibly, no chance that he has it or anything. So don't come looking for it.
  • Patfan1 is plotting an entire investigation to find it for classified reasons.
  • Ridley, Bulb, and Claus are searching for it so they can destroy Mobius.
  • Most of the Bulbmin are preparing an invasion to find it to kill all Wraiths.