Patfan1 is a talking mushroom man who LOVES bacon. He is a friend of Rekanochi. He prefers to be called by his new name, Nebula Shroom.


Nebula B. Malshroom was born to a human batch of parents. He was however, born as a Mushroom Lord, an ancient species of heroes and warlord Toads from before the Mushroom Kingdom, thought to have gone extinct. Due to his species, he was valued with multiple bounties on his head. He later grew up to be an archeologist and a hero to many. He met Rekanochi one day while in Club Penguin searching for an ancient penguin shrine. He had earlier found the long lost taco relic, the Golden Mustache. As such, they traded relics and became friends ever since. He later fought against the ruthless king of the lost lands, who would later become the Lord of the Lost Lands. Because of this he is one of the few who know his true reasoning for protecting the seven needles. He later afterwards continued to fight and protect the mushroom lands, carrying on the Mushroom Lord legacy for years to come. He now lives on Patfan1 Island.

Far Future

He supports the future cause for Scottnov to bring back the Togepi, with success because he finds a togepi who turned into a treeguard by using a potion stolen from Endrew, because he wanted to keep his identity secret. He also helps Wilson and his friends defeat Maxwell once and for all.

Friends and Enemies


Stuff about him

He has his own army, the Nebula Navy, which seeks to eliminate the army of endermen under the command of the Enderdragon. He has multiple enemies, such as Maxwell, Porky Minch, and many more. He has very reliable friends such as Rekanochi, DarkSpace, FlamingFireHound.


  • He has more than 75 pet Yoshies, as such, he built a trap to protect his yoshi pets from Steve.
  • He has his own top secret army.
  • He gets along well with the Treeguards, and plants pinecones for them daily to keep them as allies of the Nebula Navy.
  • He knows how to duplicate Pirate Coins, but he refuses to tell Rekanochi how.
    • This actually somewhat pisses Reka off.
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