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Otto Van Candlefield, or Candlebor, is a strange being which is of an unknown species, possibly the same as Penny. They are rather good friends and derp around together. He usually refers to her as either a waffle or a name of a fruit or vegetable, such as "u lil pomegranate cx" He is also extremely hostile to anyone who makes candle x penny jokes, though it's often jokingly. He usually types in all lowercase but uses caps to emphasize points, though does so somewhat infrequently. He talks in the same sense too, oddly, even making a sort of keyboard smash sound by saying several letters extremely quickly, usually "asdf". He often say such when flustered or under pressure, and occasionally as an exclamation. 

Though he is almost always with penny, sometimes he travels alone, constantly complaining about penny not being there.

Strangely, he has a sort of default scent of cinnamon, one that's almost always there. He also tends to smell like vanilla, however, that is simply due to prologed exposure to Penny, and/or excessively hugging her, as she has a default scent of vanilla, likewise. 


"yeah but why am i supposed to be afraid of your ability to spam w+m1 though"

"yay penny hiiiii cx"

"do i like fishsticks? wait why am i asking that. i cooked it myself!"

"Bacon X Bacon, OTP. Dem feels."

"Yes, I can talk normally. I just prefer not to."

"ok so ur hair is strawberry flavored now yay"

"hey look its a lil flu- oh goD ITS ON MY HEAD HALP ME PENNY"

"Even a King is bound to the board. But what if both were to be destroyed at once? Would that offer some means of escape for that which has no choice but to serve? nah lol thats stupid"

"u sure do like frazzled wires dont u"

"im a lil tater short and stout here is my dark sword here is my fish. when all the nightmares come i scream and shout and i stab them all until they die in pain. C:"

"ok yay now hug me please ;w;"

"no shoosh those jokes are stupid go awai"

"tater tot is a good name for a skeletal warhorse from the depths of oblivion. good idea penny. c:"


Candle wears an orange, black, and white sweater which is too large for him, resulting in his hands often being completely covered by it. He has never been seen wearing anything else as of yet, yet the sweater seems completely immune to any damage and simply cannot get dirty or wet. Whether or not it is imbued with some type of magic is unknown, though he has implied that on occasion. Along with that, he normally wears some gray pants, and either goes barefoot or with a pair of sneakers.

He has a large amount of hair, covering his eyes at some times. He also has two large, furry ears. He is somewhat chubby, and fairly short in stature. He also has a small tail, comparable to that of a rabbit.


Penny: Most apparent of all of them, he is extremely fond of Penny, and is most likely in a relationship with her, though both evade the question and try to hide it. They frequently hug and cuddle with each other, though are rarely seen doing such. They're near-inseperable, and become extremely sad when away from each other. Penny is also fond of grabbing him with her tail until he simply can't move, with him often playfully struggling against it, though he loves it when she does such. He also tends to sit in her lap and have her hold him.


  • He could possibly belong to the same species as Penny as they share extremely similar traits, both physically and mentally.
  • He says he owns an empire which includes a space center and several hundred space stations with Penny. Whether or not he does is unknown.
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