Mr. Alchemist Endrew's profile pic.

Mr. Alchemist Endrew is an unseen thing; not much is known about his appearence, other than his eyes. He has an unhealthy obsession for gold, and will trade grim artifacts in order to aquire it. It is such that he can be easily manipulated by people with gold. He also uses a Chainsaw, his favorite tool.

Flaming tries to eat Endrew. A lot. He seems to be able to trick Endrew by promising gold to him for the price that Endrew climbs into his cage...

To summon Endrew, you will need to sacrifice three albino calves on the night of...oh, just striking two gold pieces together and yelling, "Here Endy! Here boy!". He will come running to you...


Endrew is clinically insane partly from the potion he drank, partially from his child he lost. He never talks with real people, as he doesn't want to be put in an asylum.

Master Maxwell

Endrew worked under Maxwell for years and years as his Alchemist/Biologist, in a secret lab. One of Endrew's favorite activities there were to take living matter, some still conscious, from his battles and then experimenting with it.



Endrew's favorite little experiment.

Endrew's favorite experiment was with chunks of pengulls and the bodily remains of a Deerclops. Aftermuch chainsawing, thinking, chemical fusion, and more chainsawing, Endrew created what he would call his "best experiment ever", the Tallbird. Endrew created some adult ones, but kept a baby Tallbird for himself. Endrew loved his little eyeball bird, of which he coined "smallbird". He named that particular one Robert. Maxwell didn't like the Tallbirds, and he called them "failed experiments", which hurt Endrew's feelings very much.


In addition to his chainsaw he also posses the following.


  • Endrew enjoys Swedish Meatballs.
  • Endrew is an Endspawn, a black, purple-eyed creature.
  • Endrew has won the Lucky Bacon award twice.
  • Endrew is one of the most intelligent creatures in Meatworld.
  • Endrew's best friend use dto be The Mask Of Infamy, but she moves away IRL.
  • Endrew's most hated enemy is Startic the Alchemist.
  • Endrew has wanted a hug for years, but no one ever gives him one.
  • Endrew really likes mustard. Alot. I mean, IRL he puts like, a quarter of the bottle on one hotdog.
  • Endrew also really hates telemarketers.


"I promise this won't hurt... that much"

"My head hurts"

"I'm sorry for my actions that day. Forgive me!"

"Tötet! Tötet sie alle!"

"Ok, maybe feeding prisoners pufferfish and lichens aren't so healthy for them after all..."

"You scared me! You get a medal!"