Maxwell sitting.

Maxwell is a dapper demon/human who trapped Wilson into the world of Don't Starve. It is thought that he used to be William Carter.


Maxwell was once a magician, but something unknown happened, and Maxwell had suddenly made a new world. Maxwell attracted Wilson into the new world, and Wilson is now Maxwell's puppet in his world.


  • Alchemist Endrew worked under Maxwell for a while.
  • Maxwell has an awesome flower.
  • He is very dapper, allowing him to not go insane easily.
  • WolfyKitty thinks he's a jerk.
  • Reka thinks that he has too much access to his security system.
  • He was allpowerful until Wilson owned him in Checkmate.
  • He went bowling with Porky Minch once.
  • DarkSpace really don't know what to think about him.
  • Tornado continually is owned by him in chess.
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