The Masked Cat.

The Masked Cat is a legend about a chibi kitten in a mask with a disturbing smile. He has the ability to cause Chibi Kittens to have insomnia, amnesia, and can even cause them to hallucinate and/or go insane. There have been very few sightings of the Masked Cat. He is found in dank forests, mostly at night. If you see him for too long, he will walk into a bush or behind a tree, and mysteriously vanish. If you look away, then look back, he will again, vanish. What expressions lie behind that mask? And more importantly, who is he?


(WIP, please feel free to add here)


  • The Masked Cat is very similar to the Slenderman.
  • If you are friends with him, it makes you a demon.
  • He does not have a voice.
  • Back then, chibi kittens could not decide if the Masked Cat was male or female, but after many years he was confirmed to be male.
  • His real name is unknown.
  • Sometimes, he is known for being a trickster.