Lolok (LAWL-LOCK) is a dragon that has fire, grass, and water abilities. He is known for his obsession with Tacos, and he lives in Greninja Tunnels (secretly). He has the ability to breathe underwater, fly through fire, and survive even the deadliest of poison. However, becasuse of his small size (about the size of a large dog, which is pretty small by dragon standards) he is weaker defense-wise than most other dragons. Lettuce is glued between his spines.


Lolok's egg hatched close to a large ammount of Tacos, which led to a life-long lasting obsession with them. After a year, the Tacos were killed Porky, and Lolok managed to destroy Porky's remote control he used for controlling the Rougue Chimera (this is the reason why the chimera attacks everything today). Lolok flew away and found a Greninja. The two became friends, and the Greninja let him live in Greninja Tunnels, but told him to NEVER tell anybody about it.


  • Tacos
  • Greninjas
  • meat
  • dessert
  • other dragons
  • Claus


  • Cakes
  • Zangooses (they stole some lettuce from him once)
  • Hyper Beam spammers


  • Lolok's name is commonly mistaken for "lol ok".
  • The lettuce in between his spikes is actually a very valuable and rare lettuce, however, it tastes really bad.
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