Land of the Lost's map. Yellow lines indicate the location of the Needles.

Land of the Lost is a very sad, barren island with many evil spirits and monsters roaming around,created by The Lord of the Lost Lands. There are 7 "needles" scattered around the island, and that there is a mighty Earth Dragon the size of the island sleeping under the island. If all of these seven needles are pulled, then the great Earth Dragon will wake up, and destroy the island. There are monsters and spirits there for a reason; They are all there to protect the seven needles. There is polluted water surrounding the island, and people even say that a mighty Kraken guards the ocean. Many have went to the island, but have never returned. A species of Chimeras known as the Cthulhmin live here.


The Land of the lost has unknown origins,but we do know it was much happier before,it was changed into evil by the Lord of the Lost Lands.


  • Kraken

    Crude drawing of the mighty Kraken trying to take down a sailboat with two Chibi Kittens in it.

    The reason why the water around the island is polluted is unknown.
  • The fact that there are seven Needles scattered around the island and that there is a dragon resting under the island is a refrence to Mother 3, in which the protagonist, Lucas, has to pull the seven needles.
  • Cthuli, the leader of the Cthulhmin, actually is friends with the Lord of the Lost Lands. The Lord now grants him access here.