"We keep this place secret so we don't have to be at war. Oh, and about Rid-" *Static*

~A transmissison from Orca

A crude drawing of the front of Orca by Madac

Orca (AKA King Orca) is a Shiny Greninja and the king of Greninja Tunnels. He commonly wears a blue and red cape that goes around his "scarf" with a black star in the middle.


  • Madac
  • Clams
  • Red, blue, and black
  • Arceus and the other Legendaries
  • Stars
  • Ridley (rumored to be on his side)
  • The Water Temple


  • Anyone who tries to break into Greninja Tunnels.
  • Porky Minch
  • People screaming "OH MY GOSH! A SHINY!"


"Your opinons are inferior to mine."

"And sadly, my brother died that day, and 2 years later, Queen Bubble died of a heart attack... Is anybody hungry?"

"...Accident? Bring him to the de-brainercation room."

"Stunning features! Fantastic visuals! Astonishing webs! Why, I am brilliant in vocabulary and appearance!"

"Water Pulse him."

"Back in my day, there was no technoligy. But I like technoligy, and if I didn't, I would rename myself "King Nostalgic"!"

"*Whistles the Greninja Tunnels theme* A-a life in vain and destruction everywhere! Lalalala... Blah blah blah... Okay, I can't come up with an anthem."


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