A picture drawn by some unfortunate person who saw It.

It is the dark force of unknown origins, it is only known through the statements of The Core.


It is seen it be an evil force capable and willing to destroy planets, if not entire universes. Only a few people have claimed to have heard its horrifying voice, and from what was explained of it, they are the most unfortunate people of all.



A drawing of It.

It has the mind breaking ability to destroy entire universes, instantly. It can also materialize things into existance, such as dark hands to grab things. It can also possess anything it sees.


Most of the time It does not have an apearance, but can be seen as horrifying creatures staring from the window to dark hands to eyes in the darkness.


  • It was banished to a dark realm for a long time, but rumor has it that It will come back in years to come.
  • The Core seems to be the opposite of It.
  • The Core says that certain people can help save the universe from It.
  • Scott seems to be infected by It often.
  • He breaks the laws of physics by destroying light, usually created by Sulus. He does this often, and normally he only does it just to piss people off.