This is a normal hound.

Hounds are wolf-like creatures that travel in packs.

Hounds appear year-round, and normal ones are black.

They have large noses and large teeth, all the better to hunt you down and eat you with.

Hound bark

A hound barking to tell its brethren it found its prey.

Hounds enjoy hunting in packs, and bark and howl to communicate with each other.

All types of hounds growl and advance if annoyed.

Hounds can (and will) go after anyone who attacks another hound.

Hounds come in different types, depending on the season.

Fire Hounds

  • Ice and Fire, by Novere (2))

    A fire hound, ready and alert.

    Fire hounds are red, stronger versions of hounds that only appear in Summer.
  • Fire hounds go back to the Firelands during winter.
  • They are immune to all types of heat and fire.
  • Liefy the treegaurd goes after these kinds.
  • They hold competitions with Ice Hounds to see who is the superior race.
  • They are friends with Redbirds, as they live in the same general area.

Ice Hounds

  • Ice and Fire, by Novere (2)

    A ice hound, ready and alert.

    Ice hounds are blue, stronger versions of hound that appears only in Winter.
  • They are immune to all cold and water.
  • They go back to the Icelands during the summer.
  • They hold competitions with Fire Hounds to see who is the superior race.
  • They are friends with Snowbirds, as they live in the same general area.


  • They appear year round.
  • They are found in packs with both Fire Hounds and Ice Hounds.
  • Hounds are friends with Crows, as they also appear year round and live in the same areas.


All hounds were normal, until Maxwell put Red Gems into Hounds and made them Fire Hounds, and Blue Gems into Hounds and made them Ice Hounds.

This also gives Fire hounds immunity to heat, and Ice Hounds to cold.

The Fire Hounds used to not have a leader, until one alpha fire hound challenged others, and eventually won.

This hound is General Marrow, and he leads all the packs of fire hounds, even though the packs have their own alpha fire hounds.

He only leads them when going to war, a large hunt with all the packs, the yearly competitions.

The Ice hounds also have a leader, who won the hound's loyalty by defeating all the alpha ice hounds in combat.

This Ice Hound is Captain Snap, who leads all the packs of Ice Hounds, although they still have individual alpha ice hounds.

Notable Members


Pretty much anything edible, but also includes:

  • Meat
  • Monster meat
  • Tacos
  • Togepi (Though every hound that has eaten one has died, along with the others nearby)
  • Wildlife
  • Alchemists
  • Glaceons
  • Dinner
  • Enjoys spicy food if fire hound
  • Enjoys cold food if ice hound


  • All hounds are afraid of treeguards, as treeguards can take down a hound with one hit, although they sometimes attack them when in packs.
    Fat hound

    A REALLY fat fire hound.

  • Ice hounds avoid fires and forest fires, because they are very vulnerable to heat.
  • Fire hounds do not like water, as they cannot swim.
  • Captain Snap does not like to be ridiculed about his name.
  • All hounds share a hatred of Maxwell, as he is a demon.
  • All hounds share a hobby of pillaging and raiding.
  • All hounds in total take around 50-200 food per day, give or take because hunts or people locking doors.
  • A poor fire hound was VERY fat one day, because of Endrew taunting it with a fattening burger.