"Oh, I lived in the Greninja Tunne- I MEAN PINNAPLES UNDER THE SEA."


The Greninja Tunnels are a large array of tunnels that lead to a large underwater cave, which is actually the "secret home" of the Greninja. This is not located anywhere in the Bulbamas Islands maps, and the internet connection is made so only Greninjas can ever use the internet here.


If somebody finds the kingdom and doesn't give a good reason, they can hear the words "You'll drown today", and Greninja spies are sent to drown the person in their sleep. If the person gives a good reason, the Greninja use special technoligy to knock them out, and then they send them back to shore, and the person will not remember the tunnels. Also, there is some "poison" that guards use quite a lot. If a Greninja is caught guilty, they are placed in a cage, drained of their powers, and spend a long time a long time on a hot island.

Greninja Arena

Orca has a "champion" he raised named Angler. As of 2013, if there are multiple people who find the kingdom, they are forced to fight eachother. The winner will be forced to fight Angler. This doesn't happen often, but Angler LIKES to kill things, and Orca doesn't realise this.


The beggining is 60 miles deeper than the underwater exit of the Water Temple. The start of the long tunnel is blocked by sand, and two Greninja guards and one Greninja soldier see if the creature entering is a Greninja. The tunnel is filled with fresh water, and there is a waterproof carpet that has pictures of all of the starters of the Pokemon series illustrated on it. The end of the tunnel also has a few guards. The main part of the Tunnels is a large cave with a small bit of sunlight to remind Greninjas of the Age of the Greninjas. Houses made out of seaweed, seashells, coral, and other underwater materials can be found. In the middle, there is a large castle, which is heavily guarded by the Greninja army. This is where King Orca lives. The entire castle is decorated with paintings of Froakies, Frogaiders, and Greninjas. Above King Orca's throne is a large painting of Arceus.


(Normal) The Final Trial (Pikmin)

(Arena) Pikmin 2 Boss Theme


  • There is a large War Meeting Place here. This may be hinting at the Greninjas joining the Space Pirates and Ridley defeat Porky Minch and the Pigmasks.
  • The resteraunts, hotels, and shops here are decorated with rocks other than shells.
  • Greninja Potion is stored here.
  • Majora's Mask is sealed here for now.
    • Claus' original mask is stored here as well.
      • The remains of Ridley's Proto-Meta Ridley outift are stored here.
        • Even Giygas used to be stored here!
          • This technically makes Greninja Tunnels the "scavenger land" of Meatworld. Just about everything that was once useful, but is now useless is placed here.
  • Porky Minch wants to take over this place. It is rumored Angler is actually the general of most of the Pigmask army, after all...
    • However, it is also rumored Klauz is the general. We may never know who would win if Angler and Klauz got in a fight.


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