A Fuzzball

Fuzzballs are very cute, fluffy puffs that are commonly found on Unicorn island. They are herbivorus, and eat fruits only. They come in pink, white, yellow, purple, green and blue.

Tornado loves eating these things for breakfast, but will throw up if he eats them for lunch. The reason is currently unknown.



Pink Fuzzballs are very shy and aren't very often seen on camera. They are often seen licking honey off of beehives, or blowing bubbles with their noses. They live in bushes or near beehives.


Yellow Fuzzballs are pretty jumpy and hyperactive. They usually get around by bouncing, and by the time it's night, they're all tuckered out from their bouncing. They live in fields with tall grass.


Blue Fuzzballs are usually pretty lazy, and they like to swim. They live in beaches or hot springs.


Green Fuzzballs are very nature-loving, and they fertilize trees and plants with any piece of rotten food they find. They live in jungles and forests.


White Fuzzballs are very rare and are only seen in wintertime or when it's snowing, and they only hibernate when it's summer/spring, unless they are in the arctic, where it snows 24/7. They live in tundras, ice lands, and possibly the Glacier Islands.



A yellow and a blue fuzzball.

It is unknown where Fuzzballs came from; some think it is a failed experiment from Mr. Alchemist Endrew, while others think they came from the same place Chibi kittens came from.


  • They closely resemble Puffles from the game Club Penguin.
  • They are often eaten by the Dwagon species.