FreezingIcehound, or Freezing, is FlamingFireHound's rival.

He came from the Icelands.


Him and Flaming were both born in the same den, but by different parents.

Ever since they were hound pups, they would fight and play over things, and always on the move to impress the leader more than the other.

At some point, him and Flaming had a Togepi-eating-contest, to which they could not even eat one, and when they tried they both almost died and were sent running away by the angry Togepis.

After that, they tried stealing the togepi's dinner. 

Freezing will still protect Flaming as they are semi-friends, and visa versa. Without one or the other they would be bored.

He now lives mostly alone like Flaming, but can call reinforcements to help.

Freezing enjoys derping around come wintertime, as it is easier to hunt for him when it is cold outside.


  • He enjoys to kill things by cold, it supossedly "makes him feel better" .
    Ice and Fire, by Novere (2)
  • He's afraid of treeguards.
  • He loves to steal dinners and food.
  • All hounds in total take around 50-200 food per day, give or take because hunts or people locking doors.
  • He came from the Icelands .