He is Patfan1's Kraken, who is a pro thief and base raider. Patfan1 constantly spoils him, rather unaware of his true record.

His amazing feats in the thieving world....

  • He stole FlamingFireHound's dinner! (only the leftovers though)
  • Scottnov's current egg shell today is a plastic one, cuz Kraken stole and ate the real one while Scott was sleeping, and preceded to replace it with a plastic one.
  • He took Patfan1's favorite pair of socks and blamed it on the washing machine.
  • He once shaved Flaming in his sleep during winter, then locked him out of his Hound Mound.


  • He is somewhat rude for being spoiled.
  • He and FlamingFireHound get along horribly.