Endrew's Chainsaw

Endrew's Chainsaw
is a tool/weapon Mr. Alchemist Endrew uses to what he calls "conduct experiments" it can cut a throaght, saw through bone, harvest organs, or just open that damned bottle of ketchup that makes you look like a total noob at cookouts. According to Endrew, the ketchup function is the one he uses most, so that's why it's always covered in red, and it's not anything to do with blood or anything like that....


  • Creations

    Endrew using his chainsaw in the creation of the Smallbird.

    Endrew tried to cut open Scottnov with it, but that Togepi proved to be too fast to capture.
  • Endrew once wanted to see what WolfyKitty's insides looked like, but he wasn't able due to something Wolfy calls "adorableness", and Endrew calls "demonic mind control".
  • Endrew has determined Rekanochi, being a taco, already is opened up, and requires no chainsaw.
  • Endrew wanted to slice open FlamingFireHound to see what fire hounds looked like inside, but Flame instead led Endrew away with some gold until Endrew was over his firepit in a cage.
  • Endrew is constantly trying to saw through FreezingIceHound because that hound keeps on eating his experiments and Endrew is sick of it. It always ends up with Freeze running away scared, Endrew with his chainsaw in his leg, and Endrew getting 50+ angry letters from Mactusk.