Enderworld, next to Mr. Alchemist Endrew's towers.

Enderworld is a seperate dimension, where Endermen and most Endspawn live and are born into. Enderworld is disliked by most people,due to whatever reason they may say.

Basic examples of hate.

Alchemist Endrew disliked this area, and moved into a nearby swamp.

Enderworld is ruled by the Ender Dragon, the fiercest Endspawn.

WolfyKitty doesn't like it, because it interferes with her inner kitty happy.

Rekanochi doesn't like the place due to the lack of things to do.

FlamingFirehound doesn't like it due to the lack of things to eat.

Patfan1 doesn't like it due it being so gloomy.

Tornado doesn't like it because there's no weather.

Flambê doesn't like it because there's nothing to burn and no fire.

Basic examples of liking.

Tornado likes this area, because it's dark, which reminds him of cloudy days. See above.

Flambê likes this area because Tornado likes it. See above.