The Enderdragon.

The Enderdragon is the watcher of all Endspawn and the End itself, if anything happens to the End, or an Endspawn, the Enderdragon will near instantly know about it.


The Enderdragons have a long history, but it is mostly just the same thing. One Enderdragon watches over the End, until killed by any reason. Right before it dies, it lays an egg. The egg hatches withen a day, but during that day where nothing watches over, The End and all Endspawn are very vulnerable. One of these endangered the Mushroom Lord kin.


Most Enderdragon personalities do not vary, they are usually very aggresive and extremely strong. No reports of any Enderdragon have word of them being kind or helpful to intruders of their land.

They are exremely protective of all Endspawn.

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