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Crocdude is a resident of The world of Meat,and is also a Blocky Creature. Specifically living in Block Town,Blocklandia. Crocdude has a brother,but the only things anyone knows about him is that he is male,and his name is Steve. Crocdude is the most popular miner in the world of Meat,due to owning the fastest pickaxe,who he named Ol' Miney. Crocdude also used to be a builder,but soon gave up that job after breaking his legs and ankles 19 times.


Crocdude's origins are mostly unknown,as his first memories was only being woken up by rushing waves on the shore of Blocklandia. Since then he tried to be a builder (mentioned above),scientist,and then found his best job as a miner. After Becoming a miner,he made Ol' Miney through fine crafted steel and reenforced diamonds. While in a large cave,the spelunker's cavern, with the rest of a crew he was hired with,someone had accidently blown up a large area with a bit too much TNT,and caused most of the cave to collapse. After over a week living on smashed bread slices and fish tails, Scottnov began investigating the cave and found Crocdude hidden under the rubble. After being healed up to his normal self,he went back to mining and caving like normal,but swore to destroy all creepers due to the explosion in the cave killing all of his friendly crewmates.


Crocdude only has two abilities. One is is being able to survive in extreme (but not TOO extreme) heat and pressure. It is because of this that Crocdude knew that being a miner would be a very good job for him,as most other creatures in The world of Meat were very fragile,or couldn't hold objects. Crocdude's other ability is possibly immortal life. Crocdude got this ability from an old cavern in the ground. he explored the cavern and found a crystal idol. The idol empowered him,and granted him his immortal life. Then a ghost came, and "demonstrated" his new ability. Whenever Crocdude dies, he turns into his Sprite for the rest of the day. At exactly midnight, he wakes up alive at the place he was 2 hours before he died.


Crocdude has 3 forms, Minecraft person, Crocodile, and Ghost. He can switch between these depending in the dimension he is in.

A picture of Croc in Croodile form




Did we mention mining?

Ol' Miney

Pretty much all these guys

Animals (except cows)



The undead

These guys


"if you touch Ol' Miney i'll cave your face in"

"Does anyone here even have any money or are we just using gold bars now?"


"Water is your best friend,unless you are drowning"

"I hate having to walk around all day with my arm stuck out a foot in front of me"

"She's a witch! She turned me into a silverfish!"