Or a "Personal Wikipedia". Or a "Battle Memory". Or a "WHATEVER".

Claus uses it to remember how to fight certain monsters.

Battle Memory

"Porky: A jerk in a robotic spider. Status: Archenemy. If you encounter a Porky, attack it with PSI Love Omega or throw a Porkyball. Wait, what?"

"Pigmask: 'ATTACK ATTACK! Wait... is that... RETREEEEEEEEEEEEAT!' The Pigmask army was formerly mine and, well, you know what happened. They don't forget their training except for this part: 'When you encounter Godzilla-type enemies, DO A BARREL ROLL!'. Status: Enemy. If you have a pizza and see them, give them the pizza and they will leave."

"Giygas: Ooooooooooooh boy.... Where do I start with this one... Uhh..."

"Riger: What was Porky thinking. Status: That thing that wants to find you and wants to kill you. If you see one, run around in circles and shoot repeatedly."

"Maxwell: A guy Porky went bowing with and a jerk. Status: Enemy. 'Nuff said."

"Meta-Mecha Drago: The Mecha Drago with wings. I have emotional breakdowns when I see it. Feel free to tell me if you find out it's weak point."

"Porkycopter: A robotic Porky head with a propeller and guns. IT'S THE FLYING DISSEMBODIED HEAD OF PORKY! Ha."

"Wraith: This Bulbmin has a tragic past. He was corrupted by Giygas, and soon, because of those PIGMASKS... He is half of Giygas' soul. His weakness happens to be Flame, but he's dead."

"Burrowing Bulbear: This Chimera (PORKY I HATE YOU SO MUCH) is currently in the Water Temple. If he happens to escape sometime, attack his eyestalks and upper head."

"Adult Bulbmin: Attack the eyes."

Diary Entries


"Aghh... I'm in painnnnnnnnn! Porky is ripping apart the body parts of a Spotty Bulbear and a Burrowing Snagret. It is painful to see, but I must move on. Sometime, I may find out who this is. I am currently Solid Claus. Those Pigmasks will know who I am. They are really rude. Some of their newest insults are 'don't be a lazy Claus'. I will get revenge."

"I was going to write here yesterday, but a red, shadowy figure came out as it were trying to combine with me. Is it possible this is Giygas, and he wants me to make the same terrible fate as Wraith? I'm not going to bed tonight." *Large sketch of Giygas and Wraith*

"I saw a strange, purple, winged, alien creature today! It seemed friendly to me, but not too friendly. It was going to be in the newly-built Pigmask arena to fight against something. I wonder if it's on Porky's side. If it is, I will avoid thinking about it. I might have to sneak into the Pigmask arena." *A sketch of Other M Ridley with Super Metroid Ridley's head*

"I can't do it. Going into the Pigmask arena will made me think they want me in it. I am collecting data about what happened after I ran away from this treacherous place, but... I think I might leave after this. I found a Pigmask Colonel mask just my size laying on the floor for some reason. Hmm..."

"OH MY GOSH! RIDLEY!! He's been captured my the Pigmasks to fight against the so-called 'Burrowing Bulbear'. That's what I witnessed the making of last week. I just simply can't watch it, but I must. This mixture is incredibly deadly. This Pigmask Colonel mask is making me blend in with the crowd perfectly, so I might not die. Might."

"A LOT happened last week. Ridley won, I removed a few golden bands from his wings, and we escaped. The next stop is the Bulbmin Cove. There is thing going on called 'Project R CHIMERA', but I wouldn't dare to try to find out what it is when I am trying to get used to a new world."

"...Okay, now I feel stupid for being all dark and gloomy in those last few pages. Huh. This Bulbmin keeps following me. Bulbmin stalker, much? Anyway, Ridley kept trying to eat this page, which is why" *Large dragon bite*

"It appears this Bulbmin is... Different... He appears to have a few fighting skills. I'll just take a guess and say his name is Bulb. Anyway, I heard a large roar that said something like 'in the darharrrrrrrrrrrrk'... Oh no, is this the Burrowing Bulbear again?"

"It appears his name is Bulb! Okay, so, Bulb just knocked the chimera into a bunch of mad Bulbmin, and he is now stuck in the Water Temple. I told them we were going to Bulbama to show Porky who's boss around here, but they wanted to go underwater, about 50 miles under the exit of the Water Temple. After a vote... Sigh... We're going there."

"OHMYGOSHNOWAY. Okay, we just saw something! It looked like a large tube, and a few Greninja soldiers were guarding it! On the other hand, we met a Greninja named Madac who is more of the 'oddball' of the Greninja. Apparently, he is not interested in normal Greninja stuff. He did give away a few names, like Orca, Angler, and... Greninja Tunnels? Due to the research we've gotten from him, we're NOT going there."

"I am the leadereth of four peopleth who needeth me... Okay, who cares about this? We have a team of 4 people. Me, Ridley, Bulb, and Madac... Okay, back to being gloomy and dark for no reason! We shineth even brighter in the sunlight and stuff..."

"Umm... I am on a bus, and a Pigmask is using binoculars and is staring at me from the back... Help?"'

"My diary! It's been 3,000 years... Well, I just experienced Ganondorf clicking a link on the internet. How ironic."



Lavender Town (Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow)


  • Giygas once went in it as an attempt to bring Claus back to the dark side, according to Entry #3.
  • Some things are greatly exaggerated. The Burrowing Bulbear wasn't made by "ripping apart the body parts of a Spotty Bulbear and a Burrowing Snagret", and there is no such insult as "don't be a lazy Claus". It is in fact "don't be a lazy Klauz".
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