Second gift for WolfyKitty

An adult Chibi Kitten.

Chibi Kittens are animals found in Unicorn IslandWolfyKitty is one of them. Chibi Kittens are innocent creatures and play with each other often, and are very cuddly. 


A very long time ago, in a planet far from ours, a meteor had hit a barren planet which caused an explosion of rainbows. The meteor started to glow pink and Chibi Kittens started bringing life and happiness to the planet. Trees grew, oceans and islands were formed, and there is also a happy volcano that spews skittles when it erupts. The kittens made a HUGE bonfire, gathered around in a circle, and started dancing in honor of the great day the race of Chibi Kittens were born. The magic crystals that were in the meteor cause mutations in Chibi Kittens over the years, we now have 'h'undreds of different species.

Notable Members



  • Chibi Kittens believed they had an "elder god", so there is a stone statue of him somewhere in Unicorn island
  • Scottnov can become one with a Kittystone.