A crude drawing of a Carrotlis Cuisno.

The Carrotlis Cuisno, or Carrot for short, is a hybrid species of the Human and vegetable. They are known to live in forests of all kinds.


The history of Carrots is somewhat short and bland, due to them being created only 400 years ago. The most notable part is when they were actually created by a mad scientist by the name of Wilson P. Higgsbury.

Notable members

  • [[Cairry|Cairry


They are known for having a somewhat odd ability; to turn
Carrotsprite Redone
any crop of their choosing into a carrot. It is the way that they reproduce, since they do not have any reproductive organs. They also are psychic, because some do not have a mouth of any kind.


Imagine a 5 foot tall carrot. Now give the carrot limbs. Give the carrot eyes aswell. That's a Carrotlis Cuisno. They also have Togepi mouths, however, some do not have a mouth.


Carrotsprites cannot speak, however, they move their tails to communicate.