A kawaii rainbow cake
The Cakelita Delishmono, or cake for short, are a somewhat dull-witted race with extraordinary strength. They are known for having a rivalry with the Tacito Mexicano. They are also known for having many flavours.


Cakes are known to have varying apperances, however, most normally have a roundish shape. Intrestlingly enough, cakes under the age of 18 are actually slices. Sometimes the cakes end up as cupcakes.

Notable members


They have extraordinary strength, which helps them while they collect materials. They are known for being able to have completely different apperances. They are also known to be extremely kawaii when they wish.



Example of some young Cakelitas.

The most notable of the long history is of the Great Cuisine War, where they dropped a radioactive bomb causing many of the Tacito Mexicano to loose their most notable ability. They also caused Patfan1 to go into hiding once.