The Cactus Sisters.

The Cactus Sisters are 2 cactus bunnies from the AJ dimension who they are sisters.They both have individual names, Henna and Honeydew.


The Cactus Sisters are both very kind and hyper, though they are expert diggers, fighters, farmers and more. Being bunnies, they can't resist a good carrot. They also speak with valley-girl voices, using "like" and "Oh my gosh!" very often. Henna is slightly older then Honeydew, but only by a few weeks. Henna and Honeydew always do everything together, and often say things simultaneously.


Henna wears a red rose on her head, and Honeydew wears a yellow one, this is the only way to tell them apart, thus, people often mistake Henna for Honeydew, and vice-versa, they are also somewhat sensitive to this now. Their bodies are green with small, yellow pricks on their whole body. Their ears are also very long, and green.


While not possesing any amazing abilities, they are expert diggers, farmers, survivers, fighters, and more. They once helped the main hero's escape from the evil Enderking.

They also like to cultivate cactuses.


  • Henna and Honeydew are cactus bunnies from Tunnel Town.
  • Henna and Honeydew seem to have a crush on Scottnov, which Rekanochi jokes about.
  • If you want to hug one, PLEASE wear some armor, mkay?