Beetleons are large, winged insects that resemble earth's common beetles. Unlike the Voodoo Chamelions, they cannot speak, but make quiet noises.

Name Origin

Beetleon comes from a play-on-words of 'battle on', because many beetleon like to fight.


Beetleons appear as multi-colored colored beetle-like creatures with wings and wing covers, these covers open when the beetleon starts flying. Their eyes are very cute, and often trick prey into a false sense of security, even though this is unintentional. They have 5 legs on each side, different for an insect. Beetleons are about the size of a medium sized dog from earth. Sometimes, a beetleon may not have spots.


While they may not look like much they are actually feirce, and can kill an adult Taco in one swipe of its poisonous claws. The swirl on their head glows sometimes and fires out a beam of energy. The spots on their backs can also be poisionous as they contain the poison used for killing prey. One Beetleon killed 100 hounds and lived easily through it.


Most Beetleons are shy at first and hide, but if they are bugged (no pun intended) too much they will attack. Some Beetleon are friendly to Meatworldians initially. Their eyes, antennae and body posture indicates mood, and sometimes the forehead swirl:

1 antenna striaght horizontally horizontally and the other curled on the end: Very happy.

Antennae shaped like outward horns: Neutral or content.

Antennae shaped like inward horns and top half of body down to ground: Angry.

Antennae straight up: Aware, scared. Antennae to ground or laid back, body on ground: Sleeping, relaxed, dying, dead.

Antennae straight up but curved on the ends: Fun, exited.

Special: Jawed Beetleons (Stag Beetleons) : Smaller antennae.


Larveon are baby Beetleon, they cannot sting or hurt anything and rely on their parents to feed them meat and other things.


A Larveon.

Some Larveon however can use leg spikes, poison or forming jaws to kill prey.

When Scottnov hatched Beetlebo he was a Larveon, and only recently hatched from his cocoon to become a child Beetleon. A Larveon stays a Larveon for about 10 days to 8 weeks.

When first hatched they cannot open their eyes. Later after they are hatched they eat many leaves, fruit, and meat from their parents. They are very nutritious and those that decide to eat them (heartless people) will be full for a long time, but will also have to run from the EXTREMELY angry parents. They do not have spots or head swirls, either.