Apocrypha is a parallel dimension. You can only go to Apocrypha by reading a Black Book. Aprocrypha looks like is constantly changing. The entire dimension appears to consist of a great ocean of toxic green fluid, with countless tentacles, some of which reach great heights into the sky, emerging from it and a few islands dotting the surface. On the islands there are structures which appear to largely be composed of innumerable books and scrolls, as the foundation with columns of stone and grates of metal forming the shape of the structure. Some of these structures are constantly changing their shape from stretching and contracting to swaying from side to side. Few can come here, and fewer still can go out.


  • If you fall in the "water", you will be teleported right back to where you read the book, out of Apocrypha.
  • Weird monsters seem to live here.
  • Apocrypha seems to keep all the knowledge of a specific dimension.
  • TheDragonTrainer met a creature called Hermaeus Mora here, he said he is "the Daedric Prince of knowledge and memory", and he said Dragon reminds him of its champion (not in appearance but the way how she acts.) (Hermaeus has never seen a glaceon).